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While you have decided to sell surplus networking equipment, we can arrange courier service to pick up your equipment and we shall pay all shipping charges. All you need to do is have the product ready!

Contact us now for a non-committal quote. Please allow some time for testing, as soon as it is verified by our experts we pay for the equipment within a maximum of 24-48 hours either by bank transfer or PayPal (whichever is your preference).

We don’t just deal in Cisco equipment, we deal in used & refurbished Juniper, Dell, HP & Sun equipment’s as well.

Cisco, Dell, HP, Juniper & Sun, these are well renowned companies and leading manufacturers of networking equipment in the entire world. The Cisco networking equipment has a great demand today with millions of corporate and small customers worldwide. The company sells Cisco networking and infrastructure devices for the different use of business in the smooth provision of services to their customers. However, the company owns almost 80% of the global market share with strong brand equity for different products. Cisco has become a giant corporation and is ranked among the Fortune 500 companies because of its innovative products and sophisticated solution. The Cisco recycling of used equipment’s is proving an effective strategy by the company which enables the company to sell refurbished Cisco devices all around the world with at lower prices than the new products. This is an efficient use of resources by the company and gaining maximum share in the market. There are lots of online vendors that sell used Cisco devices for the customers. So, buying Cisco equipment’s at the reasonable prices is not a big deal today. The cisco dealers are making it possible to make their products available in different parts of the world.

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